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300208恒顺电气合肥企业名录Lv bu looked back, looking at the eyes of this old man with a sinister face, no answer."Has the bird been frightened?" "Chen qun asked."You never know, maybe future pang will be grateful to shi yuan." Xu shu smiled and said, "with lu bu's present situation, if it develops for another ten years, it will not be impossible for lu bu to rule the whole world.

His body was lifted straight from the horse's back by a great force, and he sank into the ground with a crash. He was trampled by the two iron hooves of the horse, and his limbs twitched and fell silent."Kang cheng gong, lv bu is coming." Lv bu came in, looking at the old man on the bed, the heart suddenly some hair block.Chapter 11 solicitation failure300208恒顺电气"What is it? Zhaoyun puzzled to see the day camp soldiers, what is the matter, the pigeon can not convey the book, but also specially sent to?

300208恒顺电气"Ever caught alive?" "Lu bu asked."Fighting! The soldier shouted, "those qiang people have a dispute with the common people. Fighting is going on inside the area."

"The envoy of baiji came to see the son of heaven? It's not that simple, is it?" Zhong you said with a sneer, "four years ago, lv bu was training sailors in the bohai sea. It seemed that he was trying to get rid of these people.To put it bluntly, lyu3 bu4 cao cao, now one of the biggest obstacles is not force, but once opened, lyu3 bu4 only sun quan, it is likely to become Allies will follow lyu3 bu4, if lyu3 bu4 took the place of the central plains, regardless of whether can hold the han emperor in their hand, even if you can't, lyu3 bu4 forces than originally three kingdoms at the same time in the history of cao cao is more big, three cent world, lyu3 bu4 scored the second, both liu bei and sun quan will not sit back lyu3 bu4 win the central plains."What else?" Pang tong rolled his eyes and said, "the general doesn't really think we can break through nan zheng without arrows and siege weapons? If three hours later, the enemy closed the door, I will withdraw, if you can lure zhang lu troops, the best, if not, then retreat< / p > < p > this two people decided to fight directly against the south zheng, is in gambling, gambling zhang lu caught unprepared and defenseless situation, after seeing the power of their crossbow, dare not as the enemy.300208恒顺电气




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